Annette Silberstein


Annette Silberstein joined Consolidated Planning Group as an Associate in July of 2020.  Annette's insurance and financial services industry experience spans more than a decade.  Previously from New York and Florida, Annette established herself in Austin many years ago where she raised her four children.   Annette is excited to join Consolidated Planning Group.

Annette's passion for financial planning grew as she worked with clients who changed the trajectory of their lives through adequate savings, insurance, and proper financial planning.  Personally, she "walked the walk" and developed financial goals and a financial action plan which ultimately enabled her to fund her children's college expenses and fund a future path of security.  She has a heart for the special needs community which grew as a result of her own personal experience as a mother of children with learning disabilities. 


As a passionate advocate, Annette's experience will guide you toward developing a plan and achieving financial success and independence.

An avid volunteer, Annette enjoys supporting her community.  As a grandmother of five, Annette loves being with her family!
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