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Consolidated Planning Group, Inc. is a privately owned insurance and financial service firm proudly serving the needs of our customers across the United States through a holistic approach to planning our firm delivers real strategies to the most complex situations faced by families, professionals and business owners. We are a proud provider in the Special Needs Planning community. We offer, both consulting services along with a broad range of products and services specifically designed to help you develop and fulfill your plan for your future and your loved ones.


You are warmly invited to learn with us as we partner with amazing people who support our families and concerns for the future.


DATE: Tues., May 4, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE:  Why do I Need a Special Needs Attorney AND a Special Needs Financial Planner? What is the boundary between them and what will they do for my family?

DESCRIPTION:  As a parent of a child with special needs, you know there are many decisions to be made as it relates to the future of your special needs family member. Considerations such as transitioning, future care options, and preservation of benefit eligibility are a few items that require intentional evaluation. Some decisions require legal preparation and some require financial arrangements. These are especially important if you have a child who may need care for the rest of their life. Join us as Special Needs Financial Planner Allison Schaberg and Special Needs Attorney Melissa Donovan explain how to successfully plan for your future.

SPEAKERS:  Special Needs Financial Planner Allison Schaberg with Consolidated Planning Group and Special Needs Attorney Melissa Donovan

WEBINAR ID:  910 1828 3921

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DATE: Wed., May 5, 2021, at 12:00 noon 

TITLE:  What is a Letter of Intent? Why Do I Need One?

DESCRIPTION:  No one else knows your child as well as you do. But what can you do to maintain your level of care after you're gone? A Letter of Intent is the answer! Join us as Special Needs Expert Allison Schaberg explains the importance of a Letter of Intent. 

SPEAKER: Special Needs Financial Planner Allison Schaberg with Consolidated Planning Group

PARTNER: Towanna Smith - Student HireAbility Navigator - Workforce Solutions of Central Texas 

Webinar ID: 930 7098 6680

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DATE: Fri., May 7, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: College Planning for Special Needs Families

DESCRIPTION: Looking for a college experience for your neurodiverse teen? Special Needs Specialist and Financial Planner Allison Schaberg, from Consolidated Planning Group, offers answers about how to choose the best option for your student who is neurodiverse or has a disability when transitioning out of high school.  The discussion will include answers to these frequently asked questions: 1. What post-secondary education options are available? 2. What makes a college good for students with disabilities? 3. What unique financial considerations should I consider?

SPEAKER: Your presenter is Special Needs Financial Planner Allison Schaberg.

PARTNER: Friendswood ISD and Pearland ISD 

Webinar ID: 983 5145 8964

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DATE: Tues., May 11, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE:  Avoiding a Reduction of Medicaid Benefits for Special Needs Children and What to do if it Happens

DESCRIPTION: Join us for an important presentation by Special Needs Attorney Christina Lesher. She will cover the process of going through the annual Medicaid review, how to make sure the documents are correct, how to work with your LIDDA, how to communicate with THHSC, and what to do if you have to go through an appeal.  

SPEAKER: Special Needs Attorney Christina Lesher

MEETING ID:931 5507 4093  

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DATE: Thurs., May 13, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Residential Experience Panel - Independent Living Opportunities Available to Special Needs Young Adults After High School 

DESCRIPTION: Many families assume that independent living is not an option for their special needs young adult. Not so! There are many quality residential communities throughout the state of Texas that are dedicated to helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live a happy, healthy, and independent life. Consolidated Planning Group brings a panel presentation to you with representatives from various residential programs. Join us to learn the options available to your family!

Kim Brusatori - The Village 
Laura DeMunbrun - Brookwood Community
Eva Aguirre - New Danville 
Rachel Medina - Live Oak Living 
Katelynn Andredd - 29 Acres 
Roni Frazier - Bloom Consulting 
Courtney Page - Daymark Living 
Rosie Dunlap - Marbridge Foundation 

MEETING ID: 939 1826 2536

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DATE: Fri., May 14, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Guardianship of Your Child with Special Needs

DESCRIPTION: When your child reaches the age of 18, he or she will gain the right to vote, the right to contract, the right to get married, the right to decide where to live, the right to consent or refuse medical treatment. Doctors and other medical providers may be restricted from sharing your adult child’s health information with you because of health care privacy laws.  As your child approaches the age of 18, you may want to consider obtaining guardianship. This presentation will address how to determine if guardianship is appropriate for your child, alternatives to a guardianship, and the procedure for obtaining a guardianship

SPEAKER: Lisa Wilson is managing partner of the law firm, Hayes & Wilson, PLLC

PARTNER: Fort Bend Center for Independent Living

MEETING ID: 962 1937 3723

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Tues., May 18, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Partnering with 504/IEP Teams for Successful Student Outcomes

DESCRIPTION: If your child has a 504 plan, you won't want to miss this webinar!  Join us as Karen Mayer Cunningham shares how to effectively partner with your child's school when grappling with a 504/IEP team.

SPEAKER: Karen Mayer Cunningham, Owner of Special Education Boss

PARTNER: This event is hosted by Consolidated Planning Group

MEETING ID: 972 2106 6701

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DATE: Wed., May 19, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Navigating the Texas IDD Service System - Understand the who, what, when, why, and where of the Texas IDD Service System and how you can create positive change within it.

DESCRIPTION: In Texas, there are several different waiver programs that offer a broad range of home and community-based services to people with disabilities. These waivers can be very confusing! Join us to learn the who, what, when, why, and where of the Texas IDD Service System and how you can create positive change within it.

SPEAKER: Ginger Mayeaux, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, The Arc of Texas

PARTNER: The Arc of Texas

MEETING ID: 965 2940 5646

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DATE: Thurs., May 20, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Guardianship or Alternatives to Guardianship - Which Works for My Family?

DESCRIPTION: What do you do when your loved one cannot care for themselves, either partially or completely? We all want our loved ones to live meaningful lives but sometimes they may lack the capacity to do so independently. That’s when a discussion about Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship is prudent.

SPEAKERS: Special Needs Attorney Boyd Handley and Financial Advisor Allison Schaberg 

MEETING ID: 997 6166 9580

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DATE: Tues., May 25, 2021, at 6:30 pm

TITLE: Finding Confidence and Success with ADHD 

DESCRIPTION: One of the most concerning mental health outcomes for ADHD is the prevalence of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. For many teens and adults with ADHD, negative feedback from others and constant focus on mistakes and impairments can chip away at confidence over time. Nevertheless, there are countless examples of success and great achievement among the ADHD community. What can parents do to build and maintain their child’s confidence over the years? How can parents, teachers, and therapists support a child’s long-term success? Join us to discuss these important questions and to learn what the research and success stories of others can teach us!

SPEAKER: Dr. Lindsay Asawa with Missouri City Family Counseling

PARTNER: This event is offered through Fort Bend County ADDA-SR Parent Support Group

MEETING ID: 986 4853 7780

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DATE: Thurs., May 27, 2021, at 12:00 noon

TITLE: Take Control of Your Financial Future: Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Investing

DESCRIPTION: Are you aware of the unique financial challenges women face when it comes to investing? The choices you make about working, having a family, or responding to life’s curveballs can have a significant impact on your financial future.

Join our presentation from Advisor Michelle Morris from Consolidated Planning Group to learn more about:

  • Your instinctive investor skills
  • How life’s priorities can impact your plan
  • Why investing for a family can add a layer of complexity
  • The financial implications of a longer lifespan
  • How partnering with an expert can help you plan for your financial future

SPEAKER:  Michelle Morris, Advisor with Consolidated Planning Group

Webinar ID:  961 7838 7243

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