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Special Needs Consultative Services and Guidance

Do you have a loved one with Special Needs? 

Do you have a loved one with Special Needs? 

You might be feeling lost when it comes to the "alphabet soup" of Special Needs benefits and resources. Whether your loved one is on an IEP or if you're waiting for your ARD meeting, if you have an ABLE or an SNT, need to get your CLASS or HCS waivers, or don't know the difference between SSI, SSDI, and RDSI, we can help! 

Consolidated Planning Group is a full service financial planning firm that specializes in holistic financial planning for Families with Special Needs. Our firm delivers real strategies to the most complex situations. We are proud to specialize in addressing the ongoing care and planning concerns for families with loved ones who have Special Needs. 

We help families just like yours implement long-term strategies for their loved ones and navigate the complex maze surrounding special needs benefits, resources, and planning. 

We help answer questions like:

  • How much will future care cost for my child?
  • How will I fund those costs?
  • What do I need to do to prepare for my child's transition to adulthood?
  • How can I avoid disqualifying my child for benefits? 
  • What common mistakes should I watch out for? 

Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you toward a confident plan for the future. The owner of Consolidated Planning Group, Allison Schaberg, has spent more than 30 years in the insurance and financial services industry. A seasoned financial planning professional but more importantly, a mother of two special needs children, Allison and our entire team are  experts at navigating the complex landscape of Special Needs Planning. Consolidated Planning Group operates in the greater Houston area and serves clients all over the United States. We look forward to sitting down with you for a free personalized initial consultation.

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