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Client Stories

YOU are why we do what we do.

Learn how families across the United States have partnered with Consolidated Planning Group to build a legacy of love and financial security for their children with disabilities.

"We feel confident..."

"We feel confident..."

We decided to work with Consolidated planning group because we have a 4year old on the autism spectrum. Although we hope that she will be independent in the future and she will be able to work and live by herself, we are not 100% sure that it will happen so we wanted to plan as much as we can ahead of time.

We worked with Michelle and Andrew and they have been nothing but patient and professional with us. They worked with us to help us make the best decisions within our means and they are always willing to answer questions and help us whenever we have doubts.

They created an amazing plan for us and we feel confident that we have taken all the necessary steps to secure the best possible future for our daughter. We could have never done it without Michelle and Andrew's help. We really do appreciate them and the whole team.

I cannot express how good it feels to go to bed at night knowing that I have a plan in place and that I am doing everything possible to make my daughter's future the best it can be.

"Hello! I live in Indiana and found you while seeking info about planning for my two special needs children. You guys are by far the most informative source I have found and I cannot thank you enough for the meat and bones of the info, it's helping connect the dots."


"We worked with CPG to help us validate our special needs financial planning, and we benefitted from the both the (1) thorough review process, and (2) many of the resources that were made available to us as part of the process (especially as it pertains to SSI).  While we were further along in our planning journey, we appreciated the fresh ideas, as well as confirmation of what we'd already had in place."

Educational Webinars

"We so really appreciate your presentations and webinars. We appreciate all the time y'all put in it! 
In rush of caregiver's life, these recordings and PowerPoints help greatly." 

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