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December 08, 2022

Hello CPG Families! We're taking on a new platform, and ready to rock & roll with our PODCAST!

We produce our educational webinars two to four times a week, and they are always focused on topics that will be helpful for families with special needs loved ones, and they are always free. Some of our topics include: residential options, ABLE accounts, waiver programs, post-high school options, SSI benefits, and Letters of Intent. Each of our webinars are posted on our YouTube channel so you can watch whenever it is convenient for you if you can't attend the live format. 

Well, now we are adding another platform where you can find our educational talks! After each webinar, we will load the audio to our Podcast so that you can listen instead of watch, in case that is easier for you. Many people enjoy listening to podcasts while doing other tasks, so we want to make this an option for our families. We hope that you will enjoy it, and please feel free to tell your friends! 

You can subscribe to our podcast here-